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With the quintet:
Henrik Jensen (Bass), Jenny Adejayan (cello), Gregorio Merchan (Drums & Perc), Camilo Menjura (Guitar, Charango, Tiple, Cuatro)

"Stories of I"
About Stories of I:
An instrument usually develops in history through many generations of close collaboration between musician and instrument maker. Slowly searching for ways to make the instrument more versatile; the musician discovers new techniques, and the instrument-maker strives to translate those discoveries into changes to the instrument.

What is interesting about Mauricio, is that he has done both.
As an instrument maker he has made over one hundred prototypes in his quest for the perfect Kena, and as a musician he has been pushing the boundaries of what a keyless flute can do for the last decade.
Mauricio has turned a diatonic keyless flute into a fully chromatic instrument, allowing him to take the melancholic sounds of a millenary tradition and manipulate them through his natural ability to improvise, and understand the complexities of modern harmony.

Velasierra’s debut “Stories of I” is backed by strong concepts in the shape of stories that make the music descriptive, compelling and unexpected.
...in a poverty stricken city, a lemon seller chooses the arduous, almost impossible path of an honest days work. This fragile dying man starts his day in debt of the few lemons he has to sell in order to save his mother..

The music is a mixture of Andean melodies and contemporary harmony as well as an exploration of Afro-Andean rhythms, that become a vehicle to improvise. Each track has a vibrancy and strange familiarity that is full of poetry, contrast and contradictions.

In this EP, Mauricio collaborates with the talented Jazz pianist Zoe Rahman  who has recently been exploring her own roots on the album ‘Where the Rivers meet’; Tom Skinner and Tom Herbert from the eclectic ‘Fire collective’, and Dario Rosetti-Bonell who has done extensive research in Latin American music and is well versed in the intricacies of Andean  rhythms.
Together these musicians create a live warm sound with strong grooves and unexpected layers that gives ‘Stories of I’ its richness and depth.



           "Stories of I"


     Zoe Rahman, Tom  Herbert

            Tom Skinner & Dario